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Weatherbys Digital Solutions offer an unparalleled understanding of racing rules and regulations.
We use this expertise to design and build proprietary, cloud-based digital platforms that help deliver world-class Thoroughbred and Arabian racing and breeding.

Introducing Salio

Salio; from proto-italic, meaning "to leap or bound."

Salio is a single platform that enables sizable and immediate improvements to your processes.

Salio is the all-encompassing digital solution for your;
+ racing data and operations
‍+ identifiction, health & welfare records
+ stud book

With Salio, you can be assured of your race programme’s efficiency and your animals’ heritage, health and performance, while delivering the opportunities that enable your organisation to stride ahead.

Salio Racing

Everything you need to administer your racing programme accurately and efficiently
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Salio Stud book

Achieve data integrity and registration compliance to ISBC standards
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Salio ePassport

24/7 animal management and traceability
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Why use Salio?

Most existing racing systems are built on bespoke software. As a result, they often need replaced within a 7–10-year period. This cost to business is typically in the high multi-millions.

Built on the Microsoft technology stack, Salio is a configurable solution that allows rapid deployment and the ability to manage the system and outputs in an efficient manner, whilst ensuring cybersecurity and data integrity.
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Salio Racing

Having administered racing under license in the UK as long-term partner of the BHA, effectively managing racing programmes is in the Weatherbys DNA.

Utilising this expertise, we have created a complete end-to-end digital racing platform that streamlines and automates many of the previously manual tasks involved in running racing.

The Weatherbys digital racing system improves efficiency, transparency and accuracy of the administration process enabling organisations to run more effectively and make better decisions.

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Salio Stud book

See how our stud book works

A stud book is a record-keeping system used to track the lineage and genealogy of animal breeds. Stud books play a crucial role in preserving and improving the quality of animal breeds and ensuring their sustainability for future generations.

As guardians of the Thoroughbred mother stud book since 1770, the Weatherbys name is synonymous with the reliability and accuracy required to meet ISBC compliance.

Our digital stud book is a proprietary platform that ensures data integrity and registration compliance to world-leading standards.

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Salio ePassport

The revolutionary Salio ePassport brings animal identity documents into the digital world.

Our app-based platform is now in use by over 5,000 breeders and enables 24/7 animal management and traceability.

The intuitive interface includes full identity integrity, complete health records, ownership & change of ownership and all national and cross-border movements.

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Download ePassport

The Salio ePassport is available for download from the relevant app store.
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Case study #1 | Bahrain Turf Club

We worked closely with Bahrain Turf Club to create a bespoke Racing Admin system that has revolutionised their race day operations.
Why work with Weatherbys?


Weatherbys is one of the most trusted organisations in the equine world, having empowered horse racing and breeding since 1770.

As founder and keeper of the General Stud Book, we have over 250 years of experience in racing and breeding administration, compliance, health and welfare, bloodstock services and animal genomics.

Continually innovating, we are now one of the world’s most eminent providers of digital software and data solutions for the horse racing industry.

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